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How do I install IFP?

Visit our install page for instructions and video.

Where are the tutorial videos?

Once you install the software, click the IFP Tools tab

Do you offer installation?

Yes, we will install InstantFormPro on your server, details in download area.

How do I remove "Powered By InstantFormPro" from the footers?

First, please remember that you earn 40% of every sale if one of your site visitors clicks the link and purchases through your affiliate ID.  However, if you still wish to remove the link

Open the following file in notepad or an online code editor.


You'll see four instances of this code:

<div id="footer">
Powered by <a href="{$aff_param}">InstantFormPro</a>

You can just remove or edit the middle section to your liking.

You may not state that the script is Powered by any other entity though.

You can edit out the Powered by in the email receipt text at:


How do I make the "Powered By" links open in new windows?

We have updated the primary script so that all footer links now open in new windows. However, if yours does not, Download this zip file and extract the view-functions.php file.  Upload it and overwrite your current file at /includes/viewfunctions.php

Download zip file here.

I am getting an error "can't open file" during install

This is almost always a permissions problem.   Re-upload your files and make sure your data folder is chmoded to 777.  You shouldn't have to change any other permissions.

I am getting the error Warning: fopen(config.php) [function.fopen]: failed to open stream: Permission denied in  buildConfig.php on line 33

Right Click and Download this file.

Edit it with your install info. Rename it to config.php and upload it to your instantformpro directory.

Then goto:

Follow the prompts from there, and you will need to manually
delete install.php and installer.php when done.

How do I change the "Powered By" email link in the footer.

If you email your submitters copies of their form data there's an email link that doesn't work with our affiliate system. 

However you can edit that link by editing Line 459 in the file:


Replace the URL only:
your affiliate link.

How do I integrate IFP with Aweber?



If a user submits with Errors, the iFrame code hides the submit button and user's can't resubmit.

Below is some javascript code that will automatically expand the iframes that we currently use to embed forms.

(1) Paste the below to the head


(2)Paste the code below to the body and replace "your page here" with your url



Installation Tips for Specific Hosts

1and1 Hosting -  Click on MySql administrsation and create a MySql 5.0 database.  Once you create it you need to wait 5-10 minutes for it to be active.  Use the localhost info they provide.

Network Solutions - We've had reports you need to create the data folder separately.  So if you don't see a data folder after you upload.  Create one and chmod 777



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